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Details of the Contest
The Swim Things Annual Photo Contest is available to all customers who own a Swim Things pool! The objective of the contest is to get the best quality, most creative pictures of Swim Things-built pools. We would love to use your photos on our website! In exchange for you submitting your best hi-resolution pool pictures, you receive a chance to win a $500 Swim Things gift card! Email your photos to info@swimthings.com 24 hours a day and a notification will be sent to you if you are the lucky winner.

What Qualities Are We Looking For in the Photos?
Swim Things is looking for pictures that stand out from others. We are looking for unique angles, lighting, or anything else that shows how much you love your pool. We want to convey the essence of a Swim Things pool through your pictures. We are also looking for the highest quality pictures you can possibly send.

When Are Winners Announced?
Each year, depending on the number of entries, Swim Things' photo advisory board with evaluate the pictures and once a valid number of pictures have been submitted, a drawing will ensue. The winners will be contacted by email or by phone, whichever method is provided. We look forward to seeing the talented photography of our pool owners and hope to use your pictures to help better our business. After all, you are one of the large reasons that we continue to thrive as one of the top pool builders in the country.