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Our 5,000 square foot showroom includes two in-ground pools, spas, swimwear, patio furniture, chemicals, parts, and games/toys.
  • The in-ground pools are constructed differently. One is a gunite pool and the other is a vinyl-lined pool. See the pools before you build!
  • Swim Things carries exclusively Bullfrog Spas. Bullfrog Spas are the most reliable, and only fully customizable, virtually leak-proof spa made today.
  • There are over 18,000 swimsuits in our showroom, making it the most diverse selection assembled in Kansas City.
  • Hanamint, the premier patio furniture line, is the chosen vendor for the majority of the patio furniture in our showroom. They use are made from cast-aluminum.
  • Swim Things has an extremely large supply of pool and spa chemicals to meet any of your water chemistry needs.
  • Find the parts you need for the DIY repair people. Our parts department has an extremely high volume of common pool and spa parts.