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New construction is the largest part of the Swim Things business. Our experienced team stresses quality. This experience is highly important when build something so specialized. Your journey from pool design to construction will be seamless as you watch our team build your pool from scratch. Our "Top 50" pool builder status helps us solidify our claim that we build the highest quality gunite and vinyl lined pools in Kansas City.

Gunite pools are the most customizable pool built today. Gunite pools are a sprayed mixture; rather than a poured concrete mixture. During the process, you have more options than any other pool type. You select all of the tile, tile location, pool size, pool shape (endless possibilities), integrated spa, plaster type, plaster color, Ecofinish (yes or no), and many other options.

Vinyl pools are another great option for a residential pool. These pools include a steel-walled construction, a vermiculite floor, and a custom vinyl liner (selected by the customer) by Vyn-All or Plastimayd brands.

Swim Things builds exclusively in-ground pools. Come and see the excellence of our pool design for yourself in our showroom in Blue Springs.